annual rings on antarctic iceberg

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Name:  annual rings on antarctic iceberg

Scientific name:

Details: annual rings

Status: in Antarctica in front of a thunderstorm


Special: in the upper meters of the iceberg the annual increments of snow are visible. Some of the lower stripes are thinner, indicating less snowfall. Because these table icebergs com from the antarctic mainland, where they have bee built up over thousand of years, in such layers some information of the history of the earth are stored: for example tiny air bubbles in the ice can be analysed  today for the carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen content of the atmosphere for that ancient year. From these studies we learn that the shifts to ice-ages from moderate climate have often been very much faster than recently believed - within a few decades

Articles: copy from a print of   "Into the Unknown" The Story of Exploration , National Geographic Society

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Bill Gates: The Road Ahead, Al Gore: Earth in the Balance

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transported by Alfred Wegener Insitut fur Polarforschung, Bremerhaven, Germany, processed and positioned by ecoPOST-system from in situ SERVICE, Kiel, Germany in cooperation with DAINAT ALUBAU, Kropp, Germany, Digital processing by oceanVISIONS, Sommerstedt, Danmark, rescued and archived by RUTGERS the State University of New Jersey, USA

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