The president of Germany Dr. Scheel (right) and the Govenor of Schleswig Holstein Dr. Stoltenberg (sitting) get a specialy conserved krill from Uwe during a visit of his multimedia show on krill behavior in his Kiel laboratories. Second row: left Prof. Dr. Hempel, Prof. Dr. Nellen, Dr. Kinzer). The discussions here -as well as in the "White House equivalent" in our capitol- led later to planning & fundings of a new antarctic research vessel, a permanent station on the antarctic continent, two new Polar Research Institutes, a shift in the public opinion about krill fisheries and change in the fate of Antarctica as a nuclear dumpsite. Behind President Scheel the first prototype of the ecoSCOPE -built during the expedition) is hanging from the roof. The funding and interest we generated allowed us to intensify the development of such non-destructive, low-intrusive in situ imaging devices for the study of ocean ecosystems in high resolutions of time and space, as well as new strategies for remote science. Such systems are intended  to operate autonomously from the research ships while they could perform other tasks, like serving the stations. Hempel later wrote his article "A resarch vessel is reproducing itself". The in situ quantitative imaging devices were tested and adjusted in the floating laboratory ATOLL on juvenile herring, recently Uwe was invited to the USA to test his equipment on the first fibre optic cable into the open ocean. The remotely operated cameras from the Polarstern found out meanwhile astonishing details of the secret winter life of krill, which at the time this picture was taken was totally unknown. The ecoSCOPE on the old picture was built for $1100, hold together with rubberbands and VRELCO straps. The new 3D, titanium digital micro ecoSCOPE is today, after testing on glasseels in the US, ready to go for new missions under the ice.

Notiz von GOTTHILF HEMPEL 20/5/87

Dr. Kils

bitte machen Sie Sich Gedanken, wie man Unterwasser TV, Photographie etc. weiter sinnvoll nutzen kann, wenn man einen guten und geschickten Mann dafuer hat.

Ich rufe Sie am Wochenende an.

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Ihr G. Hempel

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