KILS, U 1982 Swimming behavior, Swimming Performance and Energy Balance of Antarctic Krill Euphausia superba. BIOMASS Scientific Series 3, BIOMASS Research Series - Southern Ocean Ecosystems and their living resources, initiated & Editor Sayed El-Sayed, Texas A & M University, 122 p - also as doctor thesis of the Mathematisch Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultaet der CHRISTIAN ALBRECHTS UNIVERSITAET zu KIEL, INSTITUT FUER MEERESKUNDE, and as "Berichte aus dem Insitut fuer Meereskunde" 163

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Swimming behaviour, Swimming Performance and Energy Balance of Antarctic Krill Euphausia superba


Scientific Series No. 3


Uwe Kils


Foreword by Sayed Z. El-Sayed

In early 1980 Professor Carl Boyd of the Department of Oceanography, Dalhousie University, brought to my attention the translation into English he made of a Ph.D. thesis entitled "Schwimmverhalten, Schwimmleistung and Energiebilanz des antarktischen Krills, Euphausia superba." (The Swimming Behavior, Swimming Performance and Energy Balance of Antarctic Krill, Euphausia superba). I requested that copy of this translation be sent to me, and upon reading it I immediately recognized its significance. I then got in touch with its author, Dr. U. Kils, asking him if he would like to share his interesting work with the BIOMASS community by allowing us to publish it in the BIOMASS Research Series. In March, 1982, Dr. Kils prepared for publication the manuscript presented here. As Dr. Kils indicated in the "Preface," the research reported on here was carried out mainly during the second German Antarctic Expedition on board the fisheries research vessel WALTHER HERWIG during the austral summer of 1977/78. The state of knowledge and literature is, therefore, that of 1979. With the current interest in the Living Resources of the Southern Ocean, in particular those of the krill, Euphausia superba, Dr. Kils work which has earned him the "Maier Leibnitz Award" for 1979 for the best publication of a junior scientist in West Germany will have a great impact on current and future research on the physiology and behavioral biology of that organism, and will certainly elucidate the vital role it plays in the Antarctic marine ecosystem. I am indeed most grateful to Dr. Kils for sharing his valuable contribution with the BIOMASS community and for allowing us to publish his work as a BIOMASS publication. I also wish to acknowledge with thanks the financial contributions of SCAR and SCOR which have made this publication possible.

Sayed Z. El-Sayed, Convenor

Group of Specialists on Southern Ocean Ecosystems

and their Living Resources

Editor, BIOMASS Research Series

College Station, Texas August 1982

this is the complete translation of Uwe's Doctor Thesis with Gotthilf Hempel ALFRED WEGENER INSTITUTE for POLAR RESEARCH & INSTITUTE of TROPICAL ECOLOGY, into English by Carl Boyd, DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY, Halifax, CANADA - initiated, financed and published by Sayed ElSayed, A & M UNIVERSITY Texas USA - this english version can be ordered at the SCAR SCOR office for $10 - right now on this server are the first rescans and some links to images,  please appologise the working status of this server - if you have anything to contribute or found errors please email -
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