Antarctic krill Euphausia superba filter of thoracopods 800 times SEM scan

Name: Antarctic krill - filter of thoracopods

Scientific name: Euphausia superba

Details: the grid of the 2nd degree setae between four 1st degree setae, forming V shaped micro nets. Of the available filtering area in the filtering basket this REM photography shows only a very small window, to get an impression of the whole filter area we would have to paste 7500 of such images together

online experiment: you can try this experiment to get a visual impression of the fascinating structure of the krill ultranet: load the BMP image from our server and set it in the preferences of your desktop (rightclick on your desktop in WINDOWS) as the desktop image, select "tile", or in NETSCAPE select one of the below images with rightclick as wallpaper, then rightclick desktop and select tile

Special: one of the most remarkable filters ever built on this planet to hunt for even the tinyest partticles and plankton-organisms (mesh-openings down to 2 micron) - in the winter this structure is capable of harvesting ice algae from under the icebergs with rake-like structures (at the very tip of the filtering-legs)

Status: Scan from ICES contribution C. M. 1980 / L:54 with associated poster and high resolution images - Biological Oceanography Committee - ALBERTI, G., KILS, U.: The Filtering Basket of Euphausia superba Institut fuer Meereskunde

Dynamic: The function of the filtering basket during pump filtering, tow filtering and ice scraping will be on videos on this server, an interactive CD under coonstruction

Articles: KILS, U 1983 Swimming and feeding of Antarctic Krill, Euphausia superba - some outstanding energetics and dynamics - some unique morphological details. In: Berichte zur Polarforschung, Alfred Wegener Institut fuer Polarforschung, Sonderheft 4 (1983) On the biology of Krill Euphausia superba, Proceedings of the Seminar and Report of Krill Ecology Group, Ed. S. B. Schnack, pages 130 -155 and title page image

KILS U, MARSCHALL P 1995 Der Krill, wie er schwimmt und frisst - neue Einsichten mit neuen Methoden (The antarctic krill - feeding and swimming performances - new insights with new methods) In Hempel I, Hempel G, Biologie der Polarmeere - Erlebnisse und Ergebnisse (Biology of the polar oceans) Fischer Jena - Stuttgart - New York, 201-207 (and images on pages 209-210)

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