Antarctic krill Euphausia superba in plankton

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you can click on details to go to higher magnifications of morphology, like the eyes, the filtering basket, the ice-rakers, the swimming legs , the gills, the gonads, the plankton cloud surrounding the krill, or to animations about the function of the filtering basket, the telson


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PS: The image on the startpage of the ecoSCOPE server you can perceive in 3D even on your normal monitor: to get a STEREO impression squint your eyes to overlap the upper left two large krill, focusing on the black eyes. After a while the 3rd dimension develops in your brain, like on dot-stereograms. The position of the green fecal string below the large krill can then be identified in space. If you send us a description of the location of that fecal string in space we will send you a high resolution image of krill

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