Antarctic krill Euphausia superba - juveniles hovering in Antarctica

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Name: Antarctic krill - juvenile (Antarktischer Krill - Leuchtgarnele - Walkrebschen)

Scientific name: Euphausia superba (Dana)

Details: late juveniles, length ca. 48 mm

Status: alive - in front of the ecoSCOPE off the Antarctic Penninsula  waters on FS  "Meteor"BIOMASS Expedition 1980/81 - [XENON ultra short strobe light sheet illumination 18 ms 45 degree offset 550 mm off frontglass]  the blur and halo of this image is not due to shortcuts of our camera but by tiny plankton organisms (its grating-like ultrastructures defract the light on its path from the krill to the frontglas of the imaging system)

Dynamic: left animal in typical oblique hovering position with pleopods beating and filtering basket closed - the filtering basket of the right animal is wide open, ready to capture a small red copepod 30 degree below the eyes, between the antennae. The swimming legs are beating with full power, the telson adjusts the approach slightly downwards towards the prey - below the animals in the middle a fecal string and on the right side a spit ball.

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lookup July 1991 issue of Science (vol 253, pages 64-66).

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