Antarctic krill Euphausia superba in ice cave

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Name: Antarctic krill

Scientific name: Euphausia superba

Details: taken with remotely controlled vehicle

Status: grazing under the ice on diatoms, one in the free water

Dynamic: one animal in typical oblique hovering position with pleopods beating and filtering basket open

Special: largest biomass on globe (from all the species visible with the naked eye), central predator/prey  organism in the antarctic ecosystem. Form dense schools in summer (up to 20 000 individuals per cubic meter) around the ANTARCTIC, filter small plankton-organisms with filtering basket (mesh-openings down to 2 micron), in the winter they harvest ice algae from under the ice with rake-like structures (at the tip of the filtering-legs) and hide in ice-caves, fast swimmers with amazingly high escape capacity (over 50 cm per second) in spite of their cold environment (down to minus 1.7 degree Centigrade)


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